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Baking Off Frozen Par Bake Bagels

NY Bagels™ has adopted modern day food technology to produce a product that
offers flexibility and economy. Frozen par bake bagels allow the end-user to bake
off the product in a standard convection oven, be it a domestic or commercial
kitchen. The frozen par bake bagels are produced in the same authentic method,
simply baked for a shorter period of time than our fully baked bagels.

NY Bagels can be baked off directly from the freezer or thawed to reach ambient
temperature. The final product will be the same, it is more a question of
operational flexibility.

The following table should be used as a guide to produce a flavoursome,
attractive product with maximum freshness. Please note, each baking
environment is different and bakers are encouraged to do trial bakes to perfect the process.

NY Bagels™ is committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and product quality.

As part of this commitment we have been endorsed as a Quality Assured HACCP accredited company by BSI Group to Codex Alimentarius Alinorn:2003/13A (HACCP) and Spotless Food Safety Standard.

This means when you purchase product from NY Bagels™ you can rest assured it is of the highest possible standard consistent with quality guidelines, which govern production methods, handling, delivery and service. NY Bagel’s HACCP plan identifies where hazards may occur in the food production process and institutes procedures to ensure that risks are controlled.


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