The smell of freshly baked bagels is one very few people can pass by, making a bagel shop a tasty prospect for anyone looking to step into fast food or catering. NY Bagels™, Australia’s premier bagel manufacturer of kettle-boiled bagels has introduced a unique program to assist motivated entrepreneurs to establish a proven and successful business model providing freshly baked bagels.

No franchise or licencing fees

NY Bagels™ is not a franchisor, nor are there any licensing fees. Put simply, we offer our expertise to assist in the start-up of a bagel shop in return for your commitment to engage with NY Bagels™ to promote the sale of it’s bagels as a modern, healthy alternative to traditional fast foods.

A well known, highly respected brand

The NY Bagels™ brand and logo are associated with quality and authenticity, particularly in the Melbourne market. Similar to a franchise, but without the cost or restrictions, we offer the use of these valuable marketing tools so your shop has instant recognition in the market.

Expertise to get you started

Our assistance includes, but is not restricted to:

ok Review of your business plan.

ok Factors to consider when choosing a location for your bagel shop – very important.

ok Suggestions on preparation and handling of product, including advice on the optimum baking equipment for your operation to ensure consistent “bake off” of quality, appealing product.

ok Suggested menu items that have proven successful and match your local market.

ok Consideration of joint marketing initiatives.

ok Ongoing dialogue regarding new products, market trends.


Find out how we can help

It pays to talk about your ideas for your own business – or even dreams – so please call us on 03 9878 4228 or email us at now. Bagels are a terrific and increasingly popular food choice – as many of your potential customers will already agree!