Serving Suggestions

NY Bagels™ follows an authentic New York recipes and using only the highest quality flours and ingredients. Boiling gives our bagels a unique golden sheen on the outside and delectable chewiness on the inside.

Perfect for creating attractive and appealing servings for home, café and restaurants.
We have put together some of the most popular serving suggestions, but the list is limitless. Wherever we go we are always surprised by the many different fillings and combinations people use to create their own “masterpiece”.
The plain variety is the most common bagel, but many of NY Bagels’ other varieties and sizes can be used to make interesting variations.

okRoast turkey, spring onion, cream cheese, cranberry sauce and lettuce.
okSmoked trout, traditional cream cheese, cucumber, alfalfa and whole grain mustard.
okRare roast beef, green peppercorn, cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes & salad.
okSun-dried tomatoes, cream cheese, proscuito, sprouts and cracked pepper.
okSmoked salmon, spring onion, cream cheese, capers and lettuce.
okSliced ham, avocado, cream cheese, lettuce and Dijon mustard.
okChicken, green peppercorn, cream cheese, avocado, lettuce and alfalfa.
okSalami, spring onion, cream cheese, tomato and lettuce.
okCombination of tomato, capsicum, olives, mushrooms, eggplant and cheese, zucchini, ham, salami, turkey or chicken (toasted)

NY Bagels™ is committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and product quality.

As part of this commitment we have been endorsed as a Quality Assured HACCP accredited company by BSI Group to Codex Alimentarius Alinorn:2003/13A (HACCP) and Spotless Food Safety Standard.

This means when you purchase product from NY Bagels™ you can rest assured it is of the highest possible standard consistent with quality guidelines, which govern production methods, handling, delivery and service. NY Bagel’s HACCP plan identifies where hazards may occur in the food production process and institutes procedures to ensure that risks are controlled.


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